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Mar 26, 2012 ralph stogdill trait theor y ralph stogdill was one of the first to challenge traditional traitbased by a work he conducted in 1948. Leadership bibliography general leadership theory and practice adams, j. Stogdill, 9780029015001, available at book depository with free delivery worldwide. Theories and models of leadership and management m005lon. Gerencia y liderazgo wikiteka, apuntes, resumenes, trabajos.

Algunas reflexiones en torno al concepto del liderazgo uaeh. Teorias explicativas del liderazgo by juliana rodriguez on prezi. Paul hersey, henneth blanchard, fred fieldler, robert tannenbaun y warren schmidth. Since the beginning of civilization, people have sought answers to the questions of who becomes a leader and why. Ministry and battle, spanish edition 97808814650 by hector torres. Important research into leadership traits, and among the first to challenge traditional traitbased theory, was the work conducted by ralph stogdill stogdill wrote a paper in 1948 personal factors associated with leadership. One of the most intriguing expressions of human behavior is the leaderfollower. Breve historia del liderazgo top ten management spain. Bass and stogdill s handbook of leadership theory, research, and managerial applications 3rd ed. Algunas reflexiones en torno al concepto del liderazgo. Effective leadership is one of the key factors in its growth, change and regeneration. Leadership is a kind of scarce resources and a determinable factor in an organization. Philosophers, political scientists, and psychologists have.

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