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The powrtouch evolution is a next generation caravan mover and has been designed and developed in the uk. With the caravan mover now in our range we will be able to provide further comfort to rv enthusiasts. Hi sampvt, i use a motor mover from the company called motor mover ltd. Electric swivelling manoeuvring system with two motors for singleaxle caravans up to 1500 kilograms. Mastermover electric tow tugs move loads up to 360,000 kg. Purple line australia caravan movers remote caravan.

Manual caravan movers caravan motor mover caravan talk. Our motorised caravan mover systems can be fitted to most single and dualaxle caravans. The rolls royce of caravan movers, the traction roller attaches to the chassis on either side of the caravan, just above each wheel. For a large range of caravan movers, shop online at caravan rv camping accessories.

No more awkward reversing or having to makedo with. Whether you are traveling around australia or storing your toy, within minutes your powerful, allterrain campertrolley will have your caravan, boat or plane positioned perfectly. In addition to trailer valet movers, our mover selection also features purpleline caravan movers, including the renowned. This could present a problem if you a moving the caravan down a steep grade and you accidentally activated the remote to disengage the rollers. Choose from a range of single axle and twin axle motor movers home installation service available. The campertrolley ct2500tam tandem axle mover ensures hasslefree, safe manoeuvring and positioning of your caravan, boat, or trailer into tight spaces.

Manoeuvring assistant with manual engagement and disengagement for singleaxle caravans up to 2000 kilograms. With the manoeuvring system, move your caravan to its position without any effort. Moreover, you can upgrade some manual motors to electric ones. Interested to buy caravan movers, get in touch with park it. So if youre after a caravan mover, here youll find an option that should suit your. Features and benefits of the alitrak australia tt900 plus battery electric caravantrailer mover. Best caravan mover perth electric jockey wheel, trailer. Even more easy, is to now hook the caravan to the car. Our units are powered by your existing caravan battery, dont worry if you dont have one, we can install a battery and charger for you. Remote controlled movers have been gaining popularity with caravan owners australia wide for all the above reasons, plus many more. Looking for a way to make moving and hitching your van an easy task. Luckily, a convenient device like the caravan mover can solve this problem for you, and you no longer have to peek so hard into the caravan towing mirrors on your car. During this time it has earned the reputation of being a very good product at a reasonable price. The mover can move the loaded caravan up a very steep incline.

Caravan movers accessories online delivered australia wide. Camper trolley ct2500tam online only caravan spares. This special device uses the power of your caravans leisure battery to drive the rollers on its wheels. Our unrivalled range of compact, batterypowered electric tugs improve operational efficiency, reduce manual handling and promote lean manufacturing across. Save the hassle of traditional fitting techniques with this fast, safe and efficient fitting method. Now the next one on our list is a product from one of the leading names in the small motor mover market the emove em303. With its exceptional power and improved traction it will drive any single. There are options that will work on both single and dual axle vans and many will guide vans over fairly rough terrain and on inclines. Im just working out the cheapest option, an electric mover or a new wife. Because you control the positioning of your caravan, boat or light plane using a remote, you can move to the best vantage points to adjust campertrolleys direction in safety. Rigg 12v 350w motorized jockey wheel trailer caravan mover. While there are manual movers with a ratchet mechanism on the market that can lighten the load, many grey nomads are opting for motorised versions.

With caravan movers ranging from ratcheting jockey wheels, the manual or automatic cranking trailer valet, to remote controlled power movers there is a solution to suit every situation and budget. P1 mover manual the p1 mover manual is a very affordable and simple solution for manoeuvering your caravan. Reduce the risk of damaging your caravan, boat, jetski or camper trailer as you struggle to try to park it in exactly the right spot. Powrtouch caravan movers the bestselling caravan mover. Electric caravan movers boat trailer movers parkit360 au. Campertrolley is the safe and easy way to move your caravan, boat or light plane into position. Battery electric caravan trailer mover alitrak australia. Emove em303 the em303 caravan mover by leisurewize is a basic, gear driven caravan mover for the cost conscious caravanner. Caravan movers from ratchet to remote controlled caravansplus. The p1 mover is new to the uk but has been sold in scandinavia for many years. The powrtouch is the bestselling caravan mover and is manufactured in the uk. The ratchet drive mechanism of the al ko power mover is strong enough to move the caravan or trailer even up small inclines. Dometic australia announces distributorship of powrtouch. For dual or single axle boat trailers, caravans etc.

A wireless remote allows you to stand where you can see best. I keep my caravan in my front drive, but access to it is very tight, necessitates a 90 degree turn and there is a slight gradient. Mover xt2 effortlessly moves twinaxle caravans weighing up to 2400 kilograms. Dometic australia divisional manager rv aftermarket, mike silich said. Virtually all caravan movers now have alloy or steel.

Caravan movers in australia changing the caravan world with one caravan at a time. When it comes to having a motor do the work, its tough to go past the trex motorised jockey wheel for both its price and. Fitting a motor mover to your touring caravan is becoming an increasingly popular move for many people, but with so many options out there it can be quite confusing. Providing frequent travellers and adventures from within the caravan, camping and rv community, with innovative, desirable and. Caravan movers online help to ease the work and reduce dependency on the other people. Caravan mover perth, we offer electric jockey wheel trailer mover australia, caravan mover, electric tug v3, order now 0417996282. Sideways adjustable handle to allow improved vision moving caravans and trailers. The all new caravan mover system makes extensive use of lightweight alloy materials and an ultra efficient gearbox, this combined with a new state of the art fourpole electric drive motor giving it significantly increased power to the drive rollers, making it the. There are rollertype caravan movers with motors that mount to the axle rather than the chassis and can be easily removed when travelling. Obviously the mover makes manouvering of the caravan at a camp site very easy and simple. Camec stocks two distinct ranges of manual and powered caravan mover our very own elite 2 and elite pro 2 series, as well as the popular trailer valet series.

It replaces enduro and combines the topoftherange lightweight alloy drive unit with a proven overcentre engager system, it is a favourite for single axle vans and is also the recommended mover for european dual axle vans. Parking, hitching or dehitching a caravan can be stressful, and costly if you get it wrong. Electric tow tugs for efficiency and safety, welcome to mastermover australia manufacturer of the worlds most effective electric tugs to move wheeled loads from 50 kg up to 360,000 kg. Compared to previous models from the company, the em303 features a fully. These systems work by having two 12v drive motors powered by a battery installed in your caravan, that engage the rear of the tyres on either side at the touch of a button via remote control, essentially turning your caravan into one very large remote controlled car. Parking your caravan in a really tight spot is a true nuisance. Powrtouch evolution manual engagement this model will fit all european manufactured single axle caravans, and with the new lightweight and compact design, this caravan mover will also now fit all the range of smaller caravans and trailer tents without the need for any extra fitting or chassis modifications. Just attach your campertrolley and operate the simple handheld remote control. Available in two models, the original, and the trailer valet mover xl for rvs up to 4500 kg in weight, these inexpensive caravan movers are perfect for getting your rvs positioning juuuust right. The alko power mover is the easy and convenient way to move any caravan or trailer without back breaking effort the ratchet drive mechanisim of the alko power mover is strong enough to move your caravan or trailer even up small inclines when ball load does not exceed 150kg specifications.

Dont forget a rollertype caravan mover setup will add to the vans weight for some the weight penalty isnt much 40kg or so but on a large tandem van it can add around 70kg. Manually engaged caravan movers offer the best value for money. If the movers must be fitted at the rear of the springs shackle ends, please ensure that the gap between roller and tire is 20mm to 25mm not 15mm as shown in the manual. Ewiks caravan mover allows you to singlehandedly move your caravan, big or small by effortlessly operating only 2 switches. The ttplus couples to the trailers on the rear hitch through an electric lift with a 15cm range eliminating the need to lift the trailer onto the ball mount. Crossactuation is a standard feature on the p1 mover manual. The trailer valet is a handy mover that utilizes a crank handle mechanism. The reason for this is that springs settle and on rough roads the rollers and tires could make contact. Caravan movers offer incredible manoeuvrability, allowing vans to turn on a sixpence. Just attach this motorised jockey wheel using the heavy duty mounting bracket, connect it to a dc 12v, 24ah battery not supplied. It is easy to operate, lightweight and powerful, with a simple overcentre engager. Caravan movers remote caravan mover purple line australia.

Dometic australia announces distributorship of powrtouch caravan mover. One of the most simple and economical mover styles, ratcheting jockey wheels are easy to install and use. Buy rigg 12v 350w motorized jockey wheel trailer caravan mover red from. Caravan rv camping is currently offering an exclusive selection of namebrand caravan movers. All available options are incredibly easy to use all you need to do is uncouple your tow vehicle and let the mover do the rest. The new wife would be far more expensive, to save money get rid of the wife and buy an electric mover. With the control knob and slide control on the remote control you can steer and accelerate smoothly and in all directions without any jolts thanks to timetested truma dynamic move. Caravan movers or caravan motor movers serve its purpose of moving a caravan forward, backward and to the side from the spot. It features a high quality gearbox and robust aluminium rollers for excellent grip in all conditions. They can either be steered by the use of an extended rudder or by the use of a remote control. In this video, weve been talking to adrian bishop from powrwheel, who.

How to fit a manual engagement quattro motor mover framework by purple line. This is the company, who specialise in this useful accessory, and this is their flagship mover, featuring a very easy to wind manualengagement drive system. When engaged, its rollers are pressed against each tyre, driving the tyres forward or backward. With caravan movers ranging from ratcheting jockey wheels, the manual or. They are permanently fitted, so as to be available whenever you require it. Available in two models, the original, and the trailer valet mover xl for rvs up to 4500 kg in weight, these inexpensive caravan movers are perfect for getting your rvs. Electric jockey wheel, trailer mover by best caravan mover perth wa.

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