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The time and effortsaving capabilities of fixed assets cs make the application the most powerful and productive fixed asset management application available. This article provides an overview regarding the tasks that can be performed with the fixed asset feature. Financingleases tablet based onlineoffline asset auditing sicon dms is an additional addon module for sage 200 providing the ability to. This video shows you how simple it is to install sicon s fixed asset module for sage 200 for more details on the product please go to sicon. Fixed asset accounting and management procedures manual table of contents. Sage fixed assetsplanning take control of your fixed assets before they even become fixed assets with flexible management of capital budgeting and constructionin progress projects. This fully integrated asset management solution for sage 200c enables you to manage your fixed assets by linking directly to the.

Sicon fixed assets is an add on that works from within the standard menu and importantly it looks and. The procedures for acquisition of fixed assets are covered through the general policies manual since they are part of the procurement process. The modules should be upgraded using the simple mode installation option, following steps in the easy wizard. Sage fixed assetsdepreciation is an easytouse, fixed asset tracking and depreciation solution that empowers you to more easily manage fixed assets throughout their life cycle. This will take you to the fixed assets cs conversion utility topic which contains the installation file. It will easily store many thousands of assets, providing a single place to record information. Sage is proud to offer the most reliable barcode scanners on the market.

And you need to prevent asset loss and securely access your asset records, even after a disaster. The intermec cn51 offers thousands of ways to get more done with a choice of android or windows, a large, resistive multitouch display, flexible network radio in north america, superior. Chipping camden school sicon fixed assets for sage 200. Wap has 7 modules available for you to chose from, ensuring you have the right solution that fits. These portable devices work with sage labels and your sage fixed assets system. You can use sage 200c fixed assets to create and maintain a list of the assets used in your business.

Sicon fixed assets provides you with the ability to manage your fixed assets directly within sage 200. Our depreciation data conversion guides are posted in this topic as the guides are released. Installing and upgrading sicon additions for sage 200. Whats new in sage 200 extra 2016 paradise computing ltd. It helps you eliminate timeconsuming manual computations, reduces the risk of errors, and aids decision making with easy, accurate reporting.

Sage fixed assets online will make it easier to stay up to date and in compliance. Manage your business and propel your growth to the next level with sage 200c. Sicon fixed assets manage your fixed assets with this fully integrated asset management solution for sage 200. Whilst sage 200cloud includes a fixed assets register, this sicon module enables users to hold a lot more information about each asset. That means easier tracking and reporting of asset information including condition, insurance status, and maintenance logs even after a disaster thanks to worldclass security, cloud backups, and disaster recovery. Integrated with sicon fixed assets, sage 200 stock and order processing modules. Find all the help you need, whether youre just getting started or want to know more. Sage fixed assetsreporting create an endless variety of custom reports, including charts, graphs, and advanced formatting options. Fixed assets and controlled items, including purchases, capital leases, construction. Resolved an issue with forecasting and depreciation after importing assets that will fully depreciate in the first period on a new system.

Modules can then be upgraded by right clicking in this section and selecting add new addon. Sage evolution fixed assets fixed assets are physical items such as desks, computers, cars, and machinery which you acquire to run your business. With the sicon fixed assets module, you can manage your fixed assets with this fully integrated asset management solution for sage 200. Sicon wap web authorisation is a flexible tool, designed for precise, real time integration with sage 200. Fixed assets for sage 200 release notes fixed assets release notes page 7 resolved several issues relating to performing actions when in the first accounting period in the system. At one time you may have been able to track your job costs using a spreadsheet. The sage 100 formerly sage erp mas 90 and 200 system offers fixed assetsdesigned to meet the needs of small and midsized businesses, providing you with fast, dependable. If the currentyear conversion guide is not available for your application, check back later. The application allows you to enter up to 200 assets per company. Sicon fixed assets for sage 200 installation guide youtube. The current compatible version of the sicon common components must be upgraded prior to upgrading sicon module s. Sage intacct fixedassets software enables you to centrally manage and safeguard your businesss fixed assets. Linking directly to the financial ledgers and month end processes this is a simple module to use. Getting the most out of your sage 200 solution tsg.

Based upon an easytolearn, intuitive user interface, sage fas fixed assets is the most comprehensive fixed asset management solution for asset depreciation, inventory tracking, and custom reporting. Fixed assets are the tangible longterm assets you require to operate your business. The fixed asset module has an impressive functionality for a lowcost. Sicon wap for sage 200 smith cooper system partners. Ask sage sage 200 how to use the fixed asset feature. Job costing help and user guide sage 200 sicon ltd. Taking away the manual creation of sales and purchase invoices in each company or nominal postings is a significant timesaver, as well as reducing risk. It provides a simpler, quicker way of managing an asset register and posting depreciation, particularly for those who are currently using excel spreadsheets. Designed to manage the requirements of hire organisations needing to create. Sicon are a sage enhancement partner, developing really useful addons to. Installing the sage fixed assets network server components, page 22. Fixed assets management accounting software sage pastel. The sage 100 fixed assets module provides a powerful tool for tracking assets, calculating depreciation, and automatically allocating depreciation and disposal entries in the general ledger.

Sales, marketing and service for sage 200 formerly known as crm a brand new connector simplifying the integration between sage 200 and sage crm. Since becoming academy status there was a requirement for an assets register which wasnt needed as a. Sicon fixed assets is designed specifically as an additional module for sage 200. Fully integrated with the sage 200 financial ledgers and month end processes. Installing the sage fixed assets reporting server, page 210. Sicon has created many enhancements for sage 200 that are too small to. Contents sage fixed assets depreciation users guide contents3. Incorporating list views and workspaces plus a host of standard sage 200 reports. Sicon manufacturing is a set of additional modules for sage 200, integrated with stock, bom, sales and purchase order processing. Four enhancements for sage 200 that will transform your. Suddenly you or your team has to break out costs for a heck of a lot more jobs, making it virtually impossible to keep up. Sage 200 is designed to bring all three critical aspects of business operation under one manageable umbrella. The sicon fixed assets help and user guide will take you through the features and settings for the sicon fixed assets module for sage 200.

The fixed assets module is a simple module that integrates directly with sage 200 and the accounting periods. This new area of the software allows you to set up, depreciate, dispose of and delete assets such as plant and machinery or other equipment. Sage 200 addons sicon addons for sage 200cloud itas. Fully integrated with the sage 200 financial ledgers and month end processes this is a simple module to use. The software provides data entry and approval processing for various business documents including purchase requisitions, purchase invoices, sales orders, expenses, timesheets and holidays.

Sage fixed assets depreciation integrations and links guide. Depreciating your fixed assets is a manual process and depending on the depreciation method you have. Makes it easy managing the depreciation of your fixed assets can be a monumental task if you do not have the right tools. Sage fixed assets software gives total control over fixed assets throughout their entire lifecycle. Integrate project accounting with accounts, sales and purchase order processing and payroll effectively manage your resources if your projects involve charging for peoples time, sage 200 can easily capture the information you need. Sage fixed assetsdepreciation links provide a convenient and effective method of moving fixed asset information from your sage fixed assets solution into. Managing fixed assets with spreadsheets or other manual methods can also easily lead to errors and trouble in the event of an audit. Manage your fixed assets with this fully integrated asset management solution for sage 200. It will easily store many thousands of assets, providing a single. The projects help and user guide will take you through the features and settings for the sicon projects module for sage 200. About fixed assets cs fixed assets cs has been a leader in the depreciation application field for years. Sage integrated payments including bank feeds and sage pay under the get paid faster campaign allows greater control of cash flow.

Enhancement pack sicon has created over 90 enhancements for sage 200 that are too small to become products on their own. Sicon manufacturing for sage 200 additional addons. For example, land, buildings, furniture, machinery, equipment or vehicles. Fully integrated with the sicon fixed assets included with hire manager, sage 200 stock and order processing modules. A guide to installing and upgrading sicon additions for sage 200. Incorporating list views and workspaces plus a host of standard reports designed in the sage report designer, this module compliments the sage 200 suite. The module is fully integrated with the sage 200 nominal ledger for posting of depreciation, purchase ledger for addition of assets and asset maintenance costs, and sales ledger for sales of assets. Sicon provide a fullyfeatured solution to fixed assets for the sage 200 accounting suite. Sage fixed assets integrates with sage 100 formerly sage erp mas 90 and 200 for the most comprehensive fixed asset management solution. Chipping campden school are now a co ed academy having changed status on the 1st august 2011. It brings together everyone working for and connected with a business, and allows them to work more efficiently and by. Designed by sicon to streamline and simplify processes such as creating new fixed assets, which can be created from a purchase ledger invoice or attributing costs to existing assets for full traceability. Manage your fixed assets effectively from acquisition to disposal, account for their value, and reap tax benefits whether you have a fixed asset inventory of 1or 1,500. The system does not allow you to enter new assets in a company after 200 assets have been created in that company.

With that in mind, sage 200 extra 2016 has these key themes. Sage fixed assets is the leading fixed asset management software choice of cfos and cpas across north america for asset depreciation, inventory tracking, and custom reporting for businesses of all sizes. This module is fully integrated with the sage 200 pop, sop, stock, purchase, sales and nominal ledger for the purpose of recording costs and revenue against individual jobs. To order the sage fixed assetslite depreciation for sage 50 product, which allows up to 1,000 assets per company, contact your sage fixed assets sales. That was back when you werent juggling as many projects at one time. Fas firststep organizes fixed assets in an easytoview format, performs complex depreciation calculations quickly and easily, and offers offers more than 20 predefined reports for financial and tax reporting of up to 1,000 fixed assets. South african company law requires that you keep a register of your business fixed assets as part of its accounting records. To get the most out of your sage fixed assets solution, make sure youre always using the latest version of your software. Features transfers and disposals execute partial and whole asset transfers and disposals individually to userdefined depreciation schedules.

Streamline daytoday processes using wap, allowing for quick and simple data entry and approval processing for all business documents such as invoices, expenses, holidays, sales orders etc. The demands placed on businesses to grow adds pressure. Chipping camden school sicon fixed assets for sage 200 gcc. Sicon fixed assets will allow you to manage your assets using this integrated and highly functional module. Wap is a locally installed, web based application designed specifically for realtime integration with sage 200. You can also delete the details of assets which have been disposed of or whose value. Sage 200 tips manage your sage 200 fixed assets alphalogix. The sage 200 sicon fixed assets module from sicon will manage all the assets in your business.

The sicon hire manager is designed specifically as an additional module for sage 200. Sicon fixed assets for sage 200 paradise computing ltd. Use with sicon dms to scanstore and view documents linked to assets future sicon fixed assets development. Sage intacct fixed assets does this and moreit merges fixed assets and accounting. Whether you have to oversee 50 assets or more than 50,000, sage fixed asset software can be scaled for your practices to deliver customized inventory control and reconciliation, depreciation calculations, and other fixed asset accounting features. More applications means more employee driven manual administration and data analysis, which can expose your sme to manual errors and financial risk. Sage fixed assets is a solution designed to meet the fixed asset reporting requirements of organizations of any size. Setting up the attachments folder for pdfs, page 29. Sage have not developed a specific module as part of the standard sage 200 suite and this is due, in part, to there being various add ons available that are more than adequate for the purpose. See whats coming in our next release, and vote on what youd like to see in the future. Including modules for job costing, works order processing and estimating, this package can be configured for oneoff job costed manufacture or.

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