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Production plants glatt integrated process solutions. This is a highly efficient, robust and accurate high shear mixer granular that produces consistent granule sizes. High shear granulating is a highly effective method of producing a uniform dense granule. Vertical granulator with patented zform rotor wings for particularly fast wet granulation with high granulate density and optimal particle stability. Qualtech products industry high shear granulator is a production scale granulator offering high efficiency and reliable performance this high speed granulator is designed and engineered to mix powder particles and to form granules through agglomeration in one process.

High shear granulators gea engineering for a better world. The procept granulator is used for wet or melt high shear granulation and pelletisation. Pdf pharmaceutical granulation processes, mechanism and. Gea has supplied high shear granulator plants and granulation and drying process expertise to various sectors for more than a century, and to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries in particular for more than 50 years. The p 1 6 is a laboratory machine for mixing and granulating. High shear mixer granulator rapid mixing for drywet. High shear mixer granulator r2t 11 high shear mixer granulator r2t tapasyas hsmg enjoys the trust and con. Glatt high shear granulation by high shear granulator on vimeo.

Every pharmaceutical plant and system from gea is a unique union of proven technology and individual solutions. Glatt, tr16002, stainless steel wet or dry granulations screener to a selected particle size. Research presented in the literature comparing highshear and fluidizedbed granulation processes focuses on the comparison of granule shape, size, density, and porosity. The equipment can be fitted with a range of processing vessels, right from 1 liter to 10 liters. The granulator is used to create wet agglomerates by high shear wet mixing of different powders.

The result is that dense granules are then formed through the liquid binder and solid bridges. Pharmaceutical granulation fluid bed granulation, high. High shear granulation gea engineering for a better world. High shear mixer granulator has been developed for mixing of ingredients used for wet granulation process. Uhgg high shear granulator is widely used in the granulation process of pharmaceutical, food, and feed industries. A granulator uses either a wet process or a dry process to bind small particles, such as powders, into larger particles. With the 11 series of smg series high shear mixer granulator available, there is always a machine that fits small batch or large scale material processing. Pharmaceutical granulation processes, mechanism, and the use of binders 275 nozzle distan ce and posit ion, main impe ller speed, chopper speed an d time on, etc. High shear mixer granulatorhsmg rapid mixer granulator rmg. Because the transfer of wet granules is a critical step, the high shear granulator being in an elevated position makes this easier and safer. Used collette high shear granulator, model ultimagral 1200.

The bowls are fixed to the basic machine using a simple bayonet system. Dry powders are first loaded into the granulator by vacuum or gravity total containment is simple, call for details. The objective of this research was therefore to investigate the effect of the chopper on granules formed using a pma1 granulator. By either circulating hot or cool liquid or steam through the jacket, the mixing bowl is jacketed for heating or cooling the contents of the bowl as the case may be. A highshear granulator consists of a cylindrical or conical mixing bowl, a threebladed impeller, a chopper, an auxiliary chopper, a motor to drive the blades and a discharge pot. Diosna p800 high shear granulator surplus solutions. Collette gral10 10 liters high shear granulator 12344.

Kevins high shear mixer granulators are specifically designed for efficient mixing and wet granulation of powders, providing consistent quality. Professional high shear granulator precision high speed. Variations in reported granule properties may be attributed to formulations or differences in. Creating a quality product the dome shaped lid permits product to perform a complete roll over as it moves up the side of the vessel wall. Glatt high shear granulation by high shear granulator. The impeller which is employed in mixing of the dry powder and spreading of the granulating fluid in highshear granulator normally rotates at a speed ranging from 100rpm to 500rpm. A high shear granulation is a perfect choice for highly cohesive material. The number of parts and design may vary depending on the type of machine. The system allows full integration with upstream and downstream equipment, and even includes a wet mill between the granulator and dryer. High shear mixer granulatorhsmg rapid mixer granulator. From a granulation perspective, the granules resulting from a high shear process are denser than the ones created by.

It has also been developed into a high shear granulator 2, the context in which we have been using it. A high shear mixer uses a rotating impeller or highspeed rotor or both to create flow and shear. Greaves mixers viscous paint blending, powder to liquid mixing 170,000 centipoises duration. With methocel, minimize tablet size while maximizing the ability to use other excipients to optimize other tablet characteristics, which makes. This animation illustrates the process of high shear granulation. Modular construction for individual configuration and adaption to your specific needs. The effect of the chopper on granules from wet highshear. The ability to apply intense shear and shorten mixing cycles gives these.

High shear granulation is an effective way to turn. Highshear granulatorsmixers are used throughout the chemical process industries, wherever it is necessary to produce mixtures of ingredients that do not naturally mix immiscible. A binder liquid is fed to the powder particles in a closed container with a rapid mixer and a chopper. High shear mixer granulator r2t 11 high shear mixer granulator r2t tapasyas hsmg enjoys the trust and confidence of customers, the world over, for its unparalleled quality, unique features and reliable performance. Being the world leader in high shear mixer granulators, tapasyas quest for continuous improvement of the. The bowl geometry is optimized to permit working volumes from 3090% of full capacity. Mhs6b laboratory high shear granulator bottom drive main impellerside mounted multibladed chopper 6 liter total volume product bowl 2 and 4 liter interchangeable bowls optional gmp design for processing 0. With modern control systems it is easy to load, mix and granulate a second batch in the high shear granulator whilst drying the previous batch in the fluid bed prior to discharge. For the high shear granulatorfluid bed dryer combination, both a vertical and horizontal product flow is possible. The effect of the chopper on granule properties, specifically flowability, has not yet been studied using a vertical shaft pma1 high shear granulator. It could be in pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing industries. Pq of the rapid mixer granulator learnaboutgmp community. When used for tableting or coating, granules allow greater compressibility of a powdered material, and reduce or eliminate the dust that comes from working with powder. The speed of the fluidpowder at the outside of the rotor will be higher than the speed of.

Based on standard components such as bottom and topdriven high shear granulators, mixers and fluid bed dryers, we supply plants for cgmp production configured to. Smgt 51200 high shear mixer granulator application. Therefore, additional height a platform or separate floor is. The chopper forms part of highshear granulator and is used to break down the wet lump to produce granules. The art of high shear mixing the highshear rotorstator mixer hsm, once relegated to a relatively narrow niche of mixing applications, has become a mainstay in many applications in the chemical process industries cpi. High shear mixer granulator tapasyas high shear mixer granulator is designed to meet special needs of tablet formulation technology. Collette gral10 10 liters high shear granulator other views click image for larger view. A comparison of granules produced by highshear and.

Dear forum members, i wanna perform performance qualification of rapid mixer granulatorrmg. Would you please suggest me what are the checks to be perform in pq of rmg. One used tk fielder dual bowl high shear mixer, model pma 6525e, stainless steel construction, 65 liter and 25 liter bowls mounted in unitized base, 7. The flexible concept behind the p 100 and p 150 are especially suited for pilot plants and small production batches. It also shows the setup of a professional high shear granulator, aka high shear mixer and its key components. Diosna p800 high shear granulator for production of highquality granules, even in case of complicated recipes or different filling levels.

The hsmg 10 can be provided with a lot of features such as tip speed. Normally, a low shear mixer granulator machine cannot process such materials because they have a high amount of hydrophilic polymer. Smgt paddle mixer is widely used in granulation process of pharmaceutical, food, and feed industry because if it high efficient smgt ribbon mixer blender principle. High shear granulators glatt integrated process solutions. This is achieved by reducing processing time, homogeneous mixing, even distribution of binder, wetting, nucleation and granule size growth with sampling provision for in process analysis and. Glatt granulator high shear tr16002 for sale 5g3987. The pharmx highshear granulator has a mixing bowl with a bottomdriven mixing impeller and side mounted chopper.

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