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He became the generalinchief of the confederate states army during the american civil war. He challenged union forces during the wars bloodiest battles, including antietam and. Lee for over 10 years, it has become crystal clear to me that robert e. The strangest part about the continued personality cult of robert e. The greatgranddaughter of martha washington was his wife. Robert edward lee was born on january 19, 1809, in westmoreland, virginia. Lee became an enduring symbol for the people of the american south. Lees ancestors were some of the first europeans to settle in virginia. Robert edward lee january 19, 1807 october 12, 1870 was a colonel in the united states army. This biography includes a detailed account on the life and achievements of robert e. Lee was born the fourth child of colonel henry lee and ann hill carter on january 19, 1807.

Lee was born at the stratford hall plantation in westmoreland, virginia on january 19th, 1807. Lee, in full robert edward lee, born january 19, 1807, stratford, westmoreland county, virginia, u. He was a grey american saddlebred of 16 hands 64 inches, 163 cm, notable for speed, strength and courage in combat. I will show you the interesting information about the american general on fun facts about robert e lee. Lee worksheet pack to utilise within the classroom or home environment. Lee, is best known as the american soldier who commanded the confederate army of northern virginia during the american civil war. He attended west point graduating second in his class and became an engineer in the united states army, serving with success in the mexicanamerican war of 184648. Army, a west point commandant and the legendary general of the confederate army during the american civil war 186165. Lee around age 43 when he was a brevet lieutenantcolonel of engineers, c. Confederate commander of the army of northern virginia. Lee, a george washingtonclass submarine built in 1958, was named for lee, as was the m3 lee tank, produced in 1941 and 1942. From the year 1798 to 1800, he served as the major general in the us army. In june 1862, lee assumed command of the army of northern virginia, which he would lead for the rest of the war. The teachings of christ and the words of the holy scriptures shine forth in the walk and life of robert e.

Lee was born on the 19 january 1807 at stratford hall plantation in virginia. Back in the year 1825, he entered the united states military. Many of lees family members played important roles in. It honors him for specific reasons, including his role in. From 1791 to 1794 he served as the 9th governor in virginia. Lawrence and lee became the most prolific writing partnership in radio, with such longrunning series as favorite story among others. Lee is how few of the qualities his admirers profess to see in him he actually possessed.

The lees were synonymous with the state and colony of virginia. His father, light horse harry lee, fought with george washington and gave the eulogy at washingtons funeral. Robert edward lee january 19, 1807 october 12, 1870 was a confederate states of america army general. Lee acquired him in february 1862, and rode him in many battles. Joseph joe johnston, which was contending with the union army led. Lee, confederate commander of the army of northern virginia and later all southern armies during the american civil war 186165. Talking about the first robert e lee facts, henry lee iii was his father and fought under generals like nathaniel green and george washington, during the american revolution. Lee november 25, 20, cherran, 1 comment robert edward lee was born in stratford, virginia in 1807, and throughout his life he gained a deep love and loyalty for his home state.

Facts history, north america, people frontline facts about robert e lee frontline facts about robert e lee to most americans, the name robert e lee will be one which is very familiar. Lee at age 31, then a young lieutenant of engineers, u. The decorated war general led northern virginia into battle in the american civil war, representing the confederacy. Robert e lee is well known for being the general of the confederate army of northern virginia in the american civil war.

Lee s most famous horse during the american civil war. The steamboat inspired the 1912 song waiting for the robert e. Lee was born on 19th january 1807 and died on 12th october 1870. General lee was born to revolutionary war hero, henry lighthorse harry lee, in stratford hall, virginia, and seemed destined for military greatness. His father was major general henry lee iii, and his fathers second wife anne hill carter. Lee was the famous confederate general, commander of the northern virginian army, during the american civil war. Lee birth date january 19, 1807 death date october 12, 1870 education west point military academy place of birth stratford hall, virginia. In 1862 until 1865, he became a commander for the confederate army of northern virginia in the civil war of america. During this period, confederate troops joined the virginia forces and subdued the federal army at the first battle of bull run. Traveller 18571871 was confederate general robert e. He is revered by his supporters for his devotion to duty and his brilliant tactical success against a stronger opposition. Traveller outlived lee by only a few months, and had to be shot when he. The army of northern virginia was the most successful of the southern armies. He led the army of northern virginia in the eastern theater of the american civil war.

Mary is the great granddaughter of martha washington, first lady 5. General in chief of the confederate armies in the american civil war, robert edward lee 18071870 displayed strategic sense and tactical skill that rank him among the great military captains of history. Civil war, commanding his home states armed forces and becoming generalinchief of the confederate forces toward the end of the conflict. Lee or alternatively, you can download our 22 page robert e. He started out as an engineer but then moved up the ranks. Robert e lee s father henry lee iii fought under generals george washington and. Lee biography and facts robert edward lee was born on the 19th of january, 1807 in stratford hall, virginia, us. Arlington house is the nations memorial to robert e. Lee was a devoted follower and humble servant of jesus christ. With his writing partner, jerome lawrence, lee worked for armed forces radio during world war ii.

Lees surrender facts, information and articles about the surrender of robert e. Lee is an actor, known for trading places 1983, baseketball 1998 and betrayed by love 1994. Lee was the confederacys most famous general in the american civil war. Lee actually, several other confederate armies remained in the field, including the remnants of the confederacys secondlargest, the army of tennessee under the command of gen. The farm superior union armies were defeated by the army of lee when he became a commander and tactician. Lee s role in the summer of 1862 after stopping mcclellans push toward richmond and sending the army of the potomac retreating toward. Lee was a confederate general who led the souths attempt at secession during the civil war. How arlington national cemetery came to be history.

Lee died five years after the civil war ended, the cause of his death had doctors stumped. See the fact file below for more information on robert e. Four generations of the lee family passed through its stately doors including richard henry lee and francis lightfoot lee, the only two brothers to sign the declaration of independence, revolutionary war hero light horse harry lee, and his son, civil war general robert e. Lee, around age 38, and his son william henry fitzhugh lee, around age 8, c. Lee october 5, 2016 october 25, 2016 sam robert edward lee, born on january 19, 1807 was a famous american general, particularly recognized for his achievements in leading the confederate army. Role in civil war as commander in chief of virginias forces, lee saw it as his first task to concentrate troops, armaments, and equipment at major points where the invasion might be expected. He led the army of northern virginia during the american civil war, and is still considered one of americas greatest generals. Robert edward lee is the fourth child born to colonel harry and ann lee. Before the civil war, lee was an officer in the mexicanamerican war. Robert edward lee january 19, 1807 october 12, 1870 was an american and confederate soldier, best known as a commander of the confederate states army. How arlington national cemetery came to be the fight over robert e.

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